NX Rumored To Enter Trial Production At Foxconn

According to fresh rumors, the NX is finally entering trial production within manufacturer Foxconn. Taiwanese site Digitimes reports that Foxconn is the largest OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of the still-unrevealed platform, with Japanese manufacturers Misumi Electronics and Hosiden also contributing.

Digitimes says that Nintendo is targeting around 10 million NX units in production, similar to past claims of the company’s bold sales predictions of 20 million units in the first year.

Backing up the reported trial production, an alleged Foxconn worker has sketched up the tentative hardware with captions, shared via Twitter user Nintex_nl. This worker under the alias “mieumieu” also provided a detailed description of the NX, reinforcing reports that it is a hybrid device made up of three devices: a controller, performance module, and a console. A full translation is provided to Neogaf (with emphasis added).

The console (I think it is supposed to be a dock. I’ll call it a dock from now on) contains HDD, cartridge slot and various other interfaces. It supports TV output (but no CPU/GPU).
The performance module is a portable device that provides power supply. It contains a Li-Ion battery. CPU/GPU also is contained inside. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wired connections. You plug the dock inside and it becomes a PS4/Xbone like console, but you can also transfer the signals to the handheld (like Remote Play?)
There are two candidate SoC for it: Pascal SoC from nVidiaor AMD R9 SoC.

The handheld part is a 6 inch 720p screen and has a low-TDP SoC, which can satisfy basic operations with lower quality graphics when the performance module is not connected. But it can also display game graphics from the performance module which can provide a console-level graphics. A bit like nVidia Shield streaming. You can bring the performance module with your portable since it has its own battery.

Additional info: whatever the solution will be the computing power it has falls behind a PS4, let alone a PS4 Pro. Don’t have high hopes for that. The selling point for it is high portability and hybrid providing rich gameplay possibilities.

If details don’t get revealed in Oct then maybe wait for the beginning of next year.

With trial production on the NX ramping up, the system takes one step closer to becoming a reality. This latest report lines up with the rumor that Nintendo was aiming for a late-2016 production of the NX, still targeted for a March 2017 release worldwide.

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