NX Allegedly Less Powerful than PS4

The rumor mill on Nintendo’s NX continues to ramp up, as sources indicate the upcoming platform may not compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4 on raw power. According to Liam Robertson of Unseen64, aka Tamaki, multiple insiders have told him that the NX is indeed less powerful than the PS4. This is based on the alleged closed-doors demonstration of NX held at E3 2015.


If the rumor proves true, it will have plenty of precedent. Nintendo deliberately made the Wii less-powerful than its rival platforms to sell it at a lower price point and reach the broadest audience possible, while focusing on unique motion controls. The Wii U once again focused on a distinct user experience over mere raw power with the GamePad controller. The NX could likely do so all over again, as Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi has stated, “For us, the next step is to think about what is going to be that element that is really going to catch the attention of a large number of players again and get them excited.”

The wider public won’t see the NX until 2016, when Nintendo plans to unveil a very “Nintendo-like solution” to make the system a success.

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