Nintendo’s “QOL” Plans Include Sleep Sensor

Nintendo QOL Sleep Sensor

During the previously mentioned financial results briefing, Nintendo announced the first product in their “Quality of Life” business, which was talked about earlier this year. Through a partnership with medical equipment company ResMed, Nintendo plans on releasing a sleep sensor, which measures and analyses a user’s sleep patterns and fatigue. What makes the device particularly interesting is the use of what Nintendo refers to as “Five ‘Non’ Sensing elements”, which essentially means that the sensor doesn’t have to be worn or even directly interacted with in order for it to function. Nintendo also stated that data from their QOL devices will be accessible in some form by “smart devices”, or even Nintendo consoles–though this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re getting sleep-themed games anytime soon. While it’s certainly not the first device Nintendo has talked about that could be considered a QOL product, unlike the vitality sensor this one may actually see the light of day, with an expected release in 2016.

The full briefing can be found here.

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