Nintendo’s Internal Structure Is Changing: Here’s How

As part of Tatsumi Kimishima taking the president’s role at Nintendo, the company has announced a coorporate restructuring of their internal teams. Already, Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda have been appointed “Creative Fellow” and “Hardware Fellow” respecitvely. Most pertinantly, Nintendo’s EAD and SPD teams are merging into one, under the name of Entertainment Planning & Development Division.

Establishment of the Entertainment Planning & Development Division

We will integrate personnel who are involved in the development of software for Nintendo platforms and smart devices in addition to work associated with effective utilization of character IP, and in order to create a structure that operates efficiently and rapidly, the Entertainment Analysis & Development Division and the Software Planning & Development Division will be consolidated into the newly established Entertainment Planning & Development Division.

Former director of SPD Shinya Takahashi will be leading EPD as General Manager.

Aside from the merger of two long-time development teams, Nintendo is also creating new teams to carry out hardware development and to handle their IP business affairs.

Establishment of the Platform Technology Development Division

We will integrate personnel responsible for the technology development essential for Nintendo’s hardware formation such as hardware, OS, development environment and network, and in order to create a structure in which we can more broadly and efficiently conduct technology development necessary for new products and services, the Integrated Research & Development Division and the System Development Division will be consolidated into the newly established Platform Technology Development Division.

Establishment of the Business Development Division

We will newly establish the Business Development Division, a division with the aim of refining the business model for the dedicated video game system business, and creating and making profitable the smart device business and the new business that utilizes character IP.

In addition, a slew of personnel are seeing promotions to new roles within these new teams and beyond. This includes figures like Animal Crossing creator Katsuya Eguchi, NoE President Satoru Shibata, and Tokyo EAD’s Yoshiaki Koizumi.


While Nintendo will stay the course on Satoru Iwata’s strategy to expand their IP and go into mobile games, the teams that make those games are merging and turning upside down. Much of this restructuring is being done to manage this expansion into new businesses.


image source: IGN

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