Nintendo Teases Announcement of E3 Plans

Last year, Nintendo continued their non-conference presence at E3 via a partnership with Mega64 to deliver its announcements. A year later, we have yet to hear how they will deliver their news, but tomorrow the lid will be lifted. Via Twitter, Nintendo of America made the announcement of an announcement, set for tomorrow at 9AM Pacific. Yeah…


It’s uncertain if Little Mac of Punch-Out!! fame will have any bearing on what Nintendo says of their E3 plans. Last year, they concocted the Nintendo Digital Event, a welcome step-up from 2013’s desultory Nintendo Direct. Will Nintendo once again partner with Mega64 to deliver comedic hijinks?

Notwithstanding the announcement of an announcement, Satoru Iwata has told investors that the company has more unannounced Wii U games to show for release prior to April 2016. So beyond Star Fox, Mario Maker, and Shigeru Miyamoto’s GamePad projects, who knows what we have in store for E3?

Stay tuned tomorrow afternoon to hear all about Nintendo’s E3 plans.

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