Nintendo Switch’s Right Joy-Con Rumored To Have IR Pointer

The Nintendo Switch rumors never cease, as the latest scuttle claims that the Switch’s right Joy-Con will have an IR pointer. According to Laura Kate Dale of Let’sPlayVideoGames, this IR pointer would allow Switch games that use the screen’s (also rumored) touch screen with the TV as the system is docked. When docked, the screen portion would activate two IR sensors, not unlike the Wii Sensor Bar, to enable this feature with no extra accessories.

Fueling the rumor is an enhanced image straight from the Switch reveal trailer, as discovered by chrisro on Twitter.

Laura Kate cites sources close within Ubisoft for details on this IR functionality, as touch-based games would be playable on a TV. Virtually all games on the Switch will not be required to use this feature, however.

The Switch has also been rumored to have motion-sensing similar to the Wii Remote, signalling a discontinuation of the 10-year old controller. With nothing of this motion-IR control function confirmed, Nintendo has promised more official details in 2017, saying they have more “surprises” to share about the upcoming Switch.

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