Nintendo Stocks Seem To Have Stabilized – For How Long?

I’m no stock market investor, but I’m smart enough to tell when Nintendo has been improving. Recently, Greg Wiggleton (best last name ever!) has said on Twitter that Nintendo’s stocks are pretty much back to normal now:


Of course, I could have ended the article right here, but I need more facts to prove this, especially with all the doom and gloom articles about Nintendo lately. Here’s what came up:

Nintendo stock

Like I said, I’m no stock market investor, but Nintendo’s stocks seem to be up by nearly 5%. I think this is good because when Nintendo made the move to lower their stock prices, it made them look weak in my opinion. When you’re part of the “Big 3” you can’t afford to be making moves such as lowering stock. Bringing it back up was definitely a wise decision, and hopefully Nintendo really does recover from this!


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