Nintendo Releasing Tethering Smartphone App for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan

Nintendo Smartphone Wifi

Nintendo and Japanese Phone Company, DoCoMo have teamed up to release a Tethering Smartphone App for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Here’s a rough translation/summary of the Japanese Press Release:

  • Nintendo and Docomo plan to strengthen the cooperation between Smartphones and the Nintendo 3DS
  • Releasing a “Tethering” Smartphone app for the Nintendo 3DS
  • Will first be available on Google Play starting Thursday, May 15
  • The two companies have plans to support 5 other Smartphone models and 2 other tablet models starting this Summer
  • Application will be called “Easy Tethering for Nintendo 3DS”
  • Will allow the Nintendo 3DS to connect to the internet via Smartphones
  • DoCoMo’s goal is to make your life “richer” through the convenient and simple use of Smartphones
  • In the future, Nintendo and DoCoMo will promote the creation of their services to strengthen cooperation and utilize communication

Also check out the image for the software below:

Nintendo 3DS Tethering SoftwareNintendo 3DS Tethering Software 2 Nintendo 3DS Tethering Software 3 Nintendo 3DS Tethering Software 4


Do you think this could be part of Nintendo’s Quality of Life platform? We’d love to hear. You can let us know by leaving a comment below. If you’d like to check out the official release, however, feel free to take a look at it on Nintendo’s News Release section.

Via: NintendObserver

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