Nintendo Ramping Up Switch Production Following Pre-Order Reception

In its latest financials, Nintendo says that Switch pre-orders have been positive so far, and the company plans to increase production for after launch to meet demand based on these figures. This does not change Nintendo’s previous plans to ship 2 million units of the Switch worldwide however.

We are continuously producing in earnest, and there are no changes to our plans to ship two million hardware units worldwide by the end of March 2017. Pre-order sales have also begun across the globe. We have heard that many retailers have already closed pre-orders and have allocated remaining inventory for sale on launch day. This pre-order momentum is reassuring proof that the core gamer demographic understands the uniqueness of the Nintendo Switch and continues to support us. We are preparing our supply system to ensure that we will be able to make continued shipments after launch as well.

Nintendo also reiterated that the Switch will not be sold at a loss from Day One, according to Yuji Nakamura. This would explain the system’s relative price of $300 USD and similar rates worldwide and its accessories. The system’s high price comes from the lack of pack-in software, including the lack of full releases and demos whatsoever.

Nintendo intends to keep the Switch’s momentum going well after launch with a continuous roll-out of software. The company has confirmed over 100 games are in development from 70 software partners. The Nintendo Switch launches worldwide on March 3rd at $299.99 USD/$399.99 CAD. Among the games launching with the console/portable hybrid are Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the casual-focused 1-2-Switch.

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