Nintendo Outlines Upcoming Smash Bros. 3DS Patch

Smash Bros. 3DS Victory Animations

3DS fans have been enjoying Super Smash Bros. on the go since early October (mid-September in Japan), and many have been equally dissecting its quirks and balance issues. A few patches have already been issued to address certain online issues (like Conquest Mode), but an upcoming patch is set to truly change up the game’s innards.

Nintendo has announced patch version 1.04 via their Japanese website, which will address balance issues as well as “fix various problems to make the game more enjoyable to play.” However, a few caveats come at the cost of improving the game. Players who update with this patch will no longer be able to play offline multiplayer with users who only have version 1.03. More distressingly, all of your old Replay data will no longer be viewable. The reason for this glaring oversight, it turns out, is because the Replays are actually saved as button inputs, not actual video data. Because of the new patch’s change to balance, any old information generated in current Replays would not match up, perhaps breaking the game.

No time was given as to when the patch goes live. In the mean time, it’s best to start preserving those Replay memories of your greatest Smash 3DS feats. What are your concerns about the new Smash patch? Are you fearing any specific nerfs of favorite characters?

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