Nintendo Offers Free Fix For Joy-Con Disconnectivity

Addressing one of the biggest hardware complaints about the Switch, Nintendo appears to have found a solution for the system’s Joy-Con’s connectivity woes. As CNET‘s Sean Hollister demonstrated from a fresh set of controllers, all it takes to fix the issue is a small piece of foam inserted in the left Joy-Con. It took Hollister a week for the defunct Joy-Con to be fixed and returned by Nintendo’s repair service.



The oft-reported Joy-Con dis-connectivity issue has been a major point of contention among reviews for the Switch, and comes down to hardware, not software. Prior to this ruthless investigation, Nintendo’s advice to consumers affected by connectivity woes was to avoid placing the Switch near wireless devices, metal objects, and even aquariums.

Much like the Wii Remote strap breakages that led to stronger straps and Wii Remote gloves down the line in 2007, it is assured that Nintendo will make this simple foam fix for the left Joy-Con a standard with all Switch units not too far off from now. If you’ve been affected by the Joy-Con issue yourself, Nintendo will fix the controller for free.

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