Nintendo Offers First Look At Switch eShop


Two days before the worldwide launch of the Switch, Nintendo has released a trailer showing the system’s eShop in action. It reconfirms that the Switch’s News app, already on the system’s OS pre-patch, will have various announcements and instructions for new users, but also shows updates and new releases available when waking the system from sleep mode.

The Switch eShop sports a spartan and utilitarian look, with the same boxy grid look of the main system menu. Like the current eShops on Wii U/3DS, you can apply search filters, enter download codes, and download your purchases in sleep mode. Of special note, users who already  own a 3DS and/or Wii U can link their wallets to the Switch once they link their Nintendo Network ID. To use the web eShop to purchase Switch software, you’ll have to log into your Switch’s eShop one time first.

The Switch’s launch day will come with a Day One patch that implements the eShop and other online features. Fortunately for day-one purchasers, the patch can be downloaded in the background, permitting the continued use of game software.

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