Nintendo: “We have not discontinued any amiibo”

Amiibo Cross-game compatibility

There has been a lot of confusing reports on the state of amiibo these the past few weeks. Nintendo and multiple sources are contradicting each other over the discontinuation of certain figures. Despite the popularity of the NFC figures, certain characters like Marth and Villager may not be coming back. Today, Nintendo itself provided the latest comment on the discontinuation situation, via a customer service email.

They told the customer:

Some amiibo were very popular at launch, but be assured that we have not discontinued any. It is possible that some amiibo in the United States, Canada and Latin America may not be available right now due to high demand and our efforts to manage shelf space during the launch period, but may return to these markets at a later stage. We are continually aiming to always have a regular supply of amiibo in the marketplace and there are many waves of amiibo to come. The distribution and availability of amiibo in other regions around the world may be different.

This line goes along with some of the other comments we’ve been hearing regarding supply versus demand. However, within hours of this email making the online rounds, an internal GameStop email was spotted regarding Wave 2 of amiibo. In addition to hinting at a shipping delay of Pit, Captain Falcon, and Luigi, it also offered definitive proof of the discontinuation of three certain amiibo.

Come this Sunday, it’s best if you look across multiple retailers for those delayed amiibo, just in case. However, now we have a clearer picture on the Marth/Villager/Trainer situation: they’re not coming back. What are your thoughts on this sordid amiibo affair?

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