Nintendo Hires Washington Law Firm to Help Curb Piracy

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Nintendo has a long, painful history dealing with software piracy. In recent memory, the Nintendo DS was embattled by R4 carts that allowed people to download illegal copies of DS games. Nintendo’s newer hardware, the 3DS and Wii U, are much better protected by firmware updates, but now the company is taking more drastic measures on Capital Hill.

According to Politico, Nintendo has hired the Washington law group Choe Groves Consulting to aid in the battle against piracy. Group lobbyist Jennifer Groves will represent for Nintendo. The partnership with Choe Groves marks the first time Nintendo has grouped with a law firm since 2003. Since 2009, the company has spent $50,000 on lobbying.

This new move is intended to persuade the federal government in D.C. to crack down on intellectual theft. This not only relates to bootleg copies of their software and homebrew exploitations, but also concerning the mobile space. Through the years, mobile devs have exploited Nintendo IP for knock-offs of Super Mario Bros. and Pokémon. Lobbying will give Nintendo the reach it needs to combat this incessant copyright infringement.

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