Nintendo Hints at Future of amiibo Including Smaller, Cheaper Figures and Cards

Amiibo Cross-game compatibility

This holiday, amiibo promises to be a major part of Nintendo’s strategy. Not only will they work out of the gate with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but future and previously released games (and the New 3DS) will use them, too. But what is the true nature of the amiibo, and how else will they be used aside from games? All this and more were discussed in Nintendo’s latest Investor’s Q&A for Quarter 2’s Financial Briefing, currently translated via NeoGaf.

Amiibos already boast a fast read/write speeds, of which Nintendo is proud. But there is more to the amiibo project than their current implementation. Not only are smaller and cheaper amiibos planned, but so are non-figure based amiibo. As such, NFC cards will figure into the amiibo project. Compared to the premium Smash Bros. figures, Animal Crossing figures were cited as possible examples of “smaller. cheaper” toys. Shigeru Miyamoto cited an NFC card game where cards are swiped and data is stored for non-figure usage.

Additionally, Mr. Miyamoto is pushing the amiibo teams to devise inventive, non-standard uses for the Wii U’s NFC reader. They hope to showcase their results next year or thereabouts. And Nintendo reiterated their intentions to add amiibo support into pre-existing titles, such as Mario Kart 8.

There’s been a lot of talk, but can Nintendo walk the walk? What do you think of Nintendo’s germinating plans for NFC and amiibo?

Source: NeoGaf

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