Nintendo Handing Out Online Bans to 3DS Pirates

3DS Homebrew Launcher

Sneaky 3DS hackers have recently found a way to play pirated games on the console, but as usual, Nintendo has caught on and handed out online bans to said users.

“Users in multiple countries have been getting error 002-0102, which normally means an internet connectivity problem. However, after contacting Nintendo, multiple users have confirmed that the CS says its a ban. They offer no further information at this time, and can not overturn it. As of now, there is no solid evidence that it is a NNID ban, and most conjecture/circumstance points to a MAC/SN ban. Users that are banned can still enter the eShop and purchase games, and download updates. They can not go online within any game or use their friends list. They also can not use ANY application that requires online connectivity, including Pokémon Bank, YouTube, and Netflix. However, the Web Browser DOES still work.”

Nintendo and the hacking community have been in an ongoing battle for many years, and each party always has a new trick up their sleeve. Events like this occuring are the reason why many 3DS Homebrew apps no longer support playing emulated games of any sort, but we’ll see what happens with this issue soon enough.

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