Nintendo Files Game Boy Emulation Patent for Smart Devices

Game Boy Advance Emulator

Earlier in June, Nintendo filed a patent for a “Hand-held Video Game Platform Emulation” but didn’t release an official statement as to what it was all about.

Today, NeoGAF user Rosti posted the official patent abstract for this unnamed device/service that would emulate Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on your PC, smartphone devices and other electronics in pretty odd places such as the mini TVs on airline seats and train rides.

Game Boy Emulator Patent Nintendo

Here’s an excerpt of the abstract:

A software emulator for emulating a handheld video game platform such as GAME BOY.RTM., GAME BOY COLOR.RTM. and/or GAME BOY ADVANCE.RTM. on a low-capability target platform (e.g., a seat-back display for airline or train use, a personal digital assistant, a cell phone) uses a number of features and optimizations to provide high quality graphics and sound that nearly duplicates the game playing experience on the native platform. Some exemplary features include use of bit BLITing, graphics character reformatting, modeling of a native platform liquid crystal display controller using a sequential state machine, and selective skipping of frame display updates if the game play falls behind what would occur on the native platform.

Often times, patents are only filed and not acted on, so there’s always a possibility that we’ll never actually see what this service could be, but who knows what Nintendo has up their sleeves?

You can check out the rest of the patent details and find some more of the patent images on the related NeoGAF thread.

Source: NeoGAF Via: Gamnesia

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