Nintendo Edibles: “Nintendo Power Mints”

Hi! Do you like candy?  Well, of course you do?  I mean, why the hell wouldn’t you?  Why am I asking so many questions?  Oh snap! Question Block! Okay, anyways, here’s the deal, I’ll be posting about “Nintendo Edibles” from time to time on this little site here called Always Nintendo.  If you go here you must really love Nintendo and since I know you like candy this should be right up your alley!  Today, we got some Nintendo Mints.

Personally, I don’t think mints are anything crazy.  And to be honest I don’t play with my original NES controller much these days.  But combine the two and hell yeah I’m all for it.  You can buy these bad boys right here.  The joy isn’t in the taste of the mint, it’s in the pride of having a plastic NES controller case that has something edible in it!  Also, I found this cute picture below for your viewing pleasure! Until next time!



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