Nintendo Download Highlights for November 6th, 2014

There are some exceptional additions to Nintendo’s eShops this week around. Most curiously, the 3DS launch trio that makes up Nintendogs + Cats is finally available for download, along with a code for a free 3DS Home Menu. For context, this trio has been out on Japan’s eShop for nearly a year. This also means every single Nintendo-published game on 3DS is now available digitally, so hooray for that.

Speaking of launch games, Game Boy Advance’s launch game Super Mario Advance arrives fresh on Wii U VC. Another major get is Pokémon making its 3DS Virtual Console debut…that’s not one of the core RPG entries. Beyond those oldies, we have The Swapper, Pikmin Movies for both Wii U and 3DS, some Sonic the Hedgehog discounts, and much more.

Wii U Retail

  • Disney Infinity 2.0: Play Without Limits, Disney Interactive, $19.99
  • Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue, Little Orbit, $39.99

Wii U eShop

  • The Swapper, Curve Digital, $19.99
  • Sportsball, TOO DX, $9.99
  • Pier Solar and the Great Architects, WaterMelon, $14.99
  • SDK Paint, HullBreach Studios, $2.99
  • Shuttle Rush, Takusan Works, $7.99
  • Pikmin Short Movies HD, Nintendo, $4.99
  • Flapp & Zegeta, Denysoft, $4.99

Wii U Virtual Console

  • Super Mario Advance, Nintendo, $7.99

3DS Retail

  • Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever, Nintendo, $14.99
  • Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog, Nintendo, $14.99
  • Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle, Nintendo, $14.99
  • Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue, Little Orbit, $29.99

3DS eShop

  • Kemonomix+, Rocket Studio, $4.99
  • Safari Quest, Maximum Games, $4.99
  • Pikmin Short Movies 3D, Nintendo, $4.99

3DS Virtual Console

  • Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, Nintendo, $3.99

3DS eShop Demo

  • Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, SEGA, free

Wii U eShop Discounts

  • Sonic Lost World, Sega, permanent price drop to $29.95
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, SEGA, permanent price drop to $29.95
  • Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure, NOCTURNAL, $2 from November 7th

3DS eShop Discounts

  • Sonic Lost World, Sega, permanent price drop to $29.95
  • Siesta Fiesta, Mojo Bones, $3.99 until November 13th
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