Nintendo Download Highlights for June 25th

In the post-E3 doldrums, the eShops get an art studio, two new Virtual Console classics, and some choice indie downloads. It’s been about two years since Art Academy: SketchPad hit the Wii U, but it finally gets its follow-up with Art Academy: Home Studio, a fully-featured sketching experience. After having made the rounds on other platforms, the Wii U gets both Shiftlings and Never Alone. The DS experience on Virtual Console expands twofold with Star Fox Command (how timely) and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Finally, keep your eyes open for discounts on games like Attack on Titan and SEGA’s 3D Classics.

You may have noticed there are no new downloads on 3DS, but we do have yet another batch of DSiWare games.

Wii U eShop

Art Academy: Home Studio, Nintendo, $29.99/$25.99 with previous purchase of Art Academy: SketchPad

Shiftlings, Sierra Entertainment, $TBD

Never Alone, E-Line Media, $TBD

Wii U Virtual Console

Star Fox Command, Nintendo, $9.99

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Nintendo, $9.99

Wii U eShop Discounts

Puzzle Monkeys, Log Games, $1.49 until July 23rd

Baila Latino, O2 Games, $19.90 until July 14th

Stone Shire, Finger Gun Games, $3.99 until August 1st

3DS eShop Discounts

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains, Atlus, $29.99 until July 14th

3D Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA, on discount until July 2nd

3D Streets of Rage, SEGA, on discount until July 2nd

Aqua Moto Racing 3D, Zordix AB, $3.99 until July 2nd

Big Hero 6 Battle in the Bay, GameMill Entertainment, permanent discount to $19.99 from June 26th

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, Atlus, permanent discount to $29.99 from June 29th

Pyramids, Enjoy Gaming, permanent discount to $1.99


G.G Series NYOKKI, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series THROW OUT, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series AIR PINBALL HOCKEY, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series VERTEX, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series ENERGY CHAIN, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series THE LAST KNIGHT, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series RUN & STRIKE, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

G.G Series DRILLING ATTACK!!, Genterprise, 200 Nintendo Points

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