Always Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct Predictions for 1.14.2015

Nintendo Direct

Hello everyone! It’s almost been two months since Nintendo’s treated us with a direct. Since the direct is only a day away, the rumors and predictions are ready to be unveiled. Here’s what we hope to see go down tomorrow.

Codename S.T.E.A.M: We’ve already been teased with scenes from this upcoming turn-ased strategy game. This upcoming treat created from the team behind Fire Emblem, has much in store for Nintendo 3DS fans everywhere. With a March 13th release date, one could be expecting more familiar characters to be revealed and explanations on the game’s overall mechanics. Basically, a recap of what’s to be expected and enjoyed. Perhaps more presidential characters will be showcased? Maybe!

Future Releases Showcase: Like previous direct’s, somewhere toward the ending of the show, Nintendo may throw a series of long and short clips of upcoming titles for both the 3DS and Wii U. Some titles you should definitely look-out for: Gunman Clive 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Mario Party 10, Monster Hunter 4, Splatoon and some Majora’s Mask.

Splatoon Firefly Suit

As you may have seen, many fans of in the European region happily got their hands on the special demo version of Monster Hunter 4! Could we maybe see this special version be available on the Nintendo eShop when the direct is over? If not, we could take a Thursday release, because this is when the eShop updates. Until then, play some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to satisfy your hunger for the fourth installment.

Yoshi's Wooly World Cave

Are you prepared for Yoshi’s Woolly World? It’s the Kirby’s Epic Yarn of Wii U titles so far. It’s about time Yoshisaurus got some love. The cute squeezable Yoshi is ready to embark on his own adventure. As the perfect teaser, I’m sure we could assume having a Yoshi amiibo could unlock Birdo as a playable character! It makes perfect sense, and would be pretty awesome to see.

Are you really feelin’ it? If not, then Xenoblade Chronicles might make you! Fans of the Wii version and any that loved the familiar stages in Smash Bros can come to only one conclusion. The non-stop action and chaos awaiting us all for the Wii U is certainly going to make it a keeper. You know we’ll be seeing some more gameplay footage of the impending carnage.

Mario Party 10 is near! With every release, the mini-games waiting to be played get me excited. There’s evidence from E3 that this game will be guaranteed compatible with amiibo. Like all fans, we want some more gameplay footage, and a much larger character roster to choose from. Just throwing this out there, I know Bowser won’t be the only antagonist this time around. Maybe, we’ll see!

I know you can’t wait for Luigi to win doing absoulutely nothing at all this time around either…

Let’s take a look at Splatoon. The ink-filled adventure has graphics that are clear and crisp, buf it’s missing a little something—amiibo functionality. Splatoon is a game that has a Super Mario Sunshine feel, so why not let your favorite Nintendo characters join in on the action? It would be a stretch to assume, but every character could have an ability that they specialize in. This is all speculation of course!
This one’s for all of The Legend of Zelda fans out there. Even if you aren’t a Hylian Hipster, you’ll be excited for this one. Yes, as you may have seen from the outstanding pre-order sales, Majora’s Mask is getting an amazing reboot for the the Nintendo 3DS. I’m sure some more cutscenes and gameplay will be shown, and a friendly reminder about the preorder bonus.

Gunman Clive ranks among one of the most enjoyable indie platformers on the Nintendo eShop. Fun gameplay, pencil-style shading and plot really tied itself up for me. Now with the highly anticipated sequel, it’s safe to assume it’ll be on the spotlight, even if it’s just for a short amount of time.

New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS: This one is more of a confirmation than an actual prediction. Somewhere between all the goodness of this direct, we’ll be shown the two versions of the latest 3ds handheld system. This will include the pricing, size comparison and benefits of owning it. Maybe a quick little video will showcase which 3DS titles may already be compatible with the new handheld. This is of course referring to the extra control stick.

Mewtwo Smash Bros. for Wii U

Mewtwo And More: As you may know, the upcoming dlc character for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS will be psychic Pokémon Mewtwo! He’ll be released sometime in April, that much we know. If we are following Mr. Sakurai’s words, it is to be expected that it takes time to make characters and implement them into these kinds of games. With so much time that’s passed, I’m sure he has more characters up his sleeve and isn’t ready to reveal them all just yet. Oh what I’d give to see Lakitu or even Shadow Mario playable!

Downloadable content shops are not uncommon sights in Nintendo games, so seeing characters like this implemented in the action-packed brawler isn’t too far fetched.

Collectable Badge Center Worldwide Release: Since December 16th, Japan has been enjoying an application/feature known as the Collectable Badge Center on the Nintendo 3DS. It allows players to collect various badges to then apply them to your 3DS Home Menu…for a small fee of course! This application requires very little translation, so it could easily be released worldwide without any issues.

This concludes the Always Nintendo predictions for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. It was a pleasure to share these predictions “directly” with you! What are your predictions? Leave a comment below! You can catch the Nintendo Direct from this site ( ) at 6 AM PST.

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