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hyrule warriors nintendo direct

The next Nintendo Direct will be shown off on August 4th, 2014; this Monday!  This Nintendo Direct according to Nintendo will focus primarily on Hyrule Warriors. If you’re interested in Hyrule Warriors make sure to tune into the direct at 8PM Pacific Time. This Direct being solely focused on Hyrule Warriors is most likely due to the game releasing in Japan on August 14th. For those of us in the West waiting to play this new and interesting addition to the Zelda and Warriors franchises won’t have to wait that much longer though as  Hyrule Warriors releases in Europe on September 19th and in North America on the September 26th.

Since the Direct will be all about Hyrule Warriors I assume we’ll be seeing a lot of new gameplay footage showing offs characters, areas, and items that have possibly not been shown off yet. Showing off the villains as playable characters would also be a big reveal that could be seen. Not to mention that ending with a Zelda representative being revealed Super Smash Bros. to finish up the direct would be a great way to end things and show off a new or returning Zelda fighter in

Looks like we have an interesting Nintendo Direct in store for us. Tell us what you would like to see or think will be shown off for the Direct in the comments section below.


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