Nintendo Customer Email Says Amiibo Restock Coming this Summer

If a Nintendo customer email is to be believed, Nintendo is planning to heal some amiibo-related wounds very soon. A German fan by name of Bjorn shared an email he got from Nintendo, after writing to them about his own amiibo frustrations. According to Bjorn:

I just got a reply from Nintendo confirming they will re-release all the Amiibo this summer! I send them an email regarding my frustration about the Amiibo sellouts. On day one of the Amiibo release they are all sold out, and the people who have got them sell them directly on ebay for double the price. This is really shit for the real collectors!

To which Nintendo replied (translated):

We’re sorry for how everything went. Unfortunately you are
not alone with this problem. Nintendo has underestimated the worldwide demand for Amiibo and therefore delivered not enough Amiibo. Our apologies. But we have good news for you. The Amiibo are all back on the market in the summer of 2015 in larger numbers than before. Once again our apologies.

The Nintendo Team

Nintendo may have gotten the message: amiibo are popular. So popular in fact that if you can’t make it on Day Zero, certain characters will be sold out and gone The latest example of this (in the United States) is Greninja: a Toys R Us-exclusive, the only way to procure a pre-order was to stand out in line overnight and hopefully get one of a few pre-order slips.

Hopefully, this rumor is true and will apply to all territories, especially the beleaguered North American market.


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