Nintendo Confirms Splatoon Skipping Out on Voice Chat

Splatoon has yet to launch, but already one omission has drawn controversy among some. The game happens to be a team-based multiplayer shooter with online play, and there’s been a back-and-forth over whether voice chat will be present. With Nintendo demonstrating the latest build of Splatoon to the press last week, the question popped up again, and we now have a definitive (and unfortunate) answer: voice chat is SOL.


Nintendo has been averse to including full-on voice communications in their online games for a long time now, so its loss in Splatoon is unsurprising. This time, however, the lack of voice chat presents key problems. By the very nature of the game (claiming the most territory on a map), communication is a necessity. How players will communicate with each other without chat is a mystery at this point. Without it however, the game’s appeal to western players will diminish, as those persons crave online play with features like voice chat.

If it’s any consolidation, the game will get Ranked Matches soon after launch. The reason for the wait on this competitive mode is that Nintendo wants to hit a certain threshold of skilled players before the mode goes live. That way, more players have time to learn the basic mechanics of Splatoon with no unfair edges gained.

“Once you reach level 10, you’ll be able to play Ranked Battles. However, we’ll be watching the global progress of how many people reach level 10 and, once that’s hit a certain threshold, we’ll turn that on for everyone to play.

Nintendo is prepping Splatoon for a worldwide launch in May, complete with rumored amiibo support. The company hopes for the game to launch a major new IP in the Nintendo portfolio. Let us know what you think of Nintendo’s killjoy to online voice chat in the comments.

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