Nintendo Allegedly Not Focusing on Game Boy Virtual Console Anymore

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When the Nintendo 3DS was newly launched in 2011, one of its digital centerpieces was the Game Boy and Game Boy Color Virtual Console titles. For a few years, Nintendo and third parties provided a steady stream of re-releases, but those have dried up to nothing in the last couple years.

When a fan asked Natsume on Twitter if the Game Boy game Gator Tail would see a re-release, Natsume replied that they have no further Game Boy games to put out.


Later in a story on GoNintendo, Natsume’s community manager CeeCee clarified that this response doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be anymore Game Boy games ever on Virtual Console, but for the time, Nintendo has moved on to other platforms (as seen with the spur of DS and Nintendo 64 games of late).

We never said more wasn’t coming, period. We said they had moved on to other systems and weren’t taking more from us. I assumed there was more they were working on and there was. I’d imagine if the cut off for GBA games hasn’t happened it will very soon — and no, that doesn’t mean they’ll never ever release a GBA game again, since we have 4 more coming ourselves Smile

I’m not sure why news sites automatically mean “there’s never any more coming ever again, please proceed to panic” but I guess that makes a better headline? ;)

We also clarified here:
“We can only comment on our own games. We have no further GB/C, NES, or SNES coming.”

This sentiment echoes comments made earlier this year about Nintendo’s shift from Super NES games on Virtual Console to other systems. As CeeCee explained in a Q&A:

“Once a title is agreed upon, Nintendo and the publisher work together to bring that title to the designated system, with Nintendo doing the bulk of the work…At this point, it’s unlikely we’ll see any other Natsume SNES games coming to the Virtual Console, as Nintendo’s interest has moved onto other classic systems.

It would appear that, for now, any hopes for future Game Boy game re-releases have be dashed.

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