Next Wave of Amiibo Launch in September in US

Nintendo announced the roster and dates for their next wave of amiibo releases. Available on September 11th are Zero Suit Samus, Olimar, Bowser Jr., Doctor Mario, and Ganondorf plus the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary edititon Mario (good luck getting that one). September 25th will herald the release of another amiibo 3-pack, only unlike the Splatoon set, there are no plans to release them seperately. The amiibo in the pack are Duck Hunt, R.O.B., and Mr. Game and Watch. No word on pricing for the trio yet.

(large) Sept15 amiibo releases

It also appears as though the 3-pack will be exclusive to Gamestop. Many of the chain’s stores will open an hour early on August 8th for a special pre-order event geared towards the retro amiibo. You can do a search on the event page to see if a store near you will be hosting one of these events. As expected, it is one pack per customer. Rumors have also been flying around about Gamestop Power-Up Pro members getting to pre-order first. It doesn’t seem likely but it wouldn’t hurt to ask your local store and, if you feel the need, sign up prior to August 8th.

GS amiibo release

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