New Survey Finds That Only 1 Percent Of Gamers Want A Wii U This Holiday Season



A recent survey which asked gamers which game console they planned on buying suggested that a measly 1% of gamers wanted a Wii U this holiday season. Check out what was said below:

Which console do you plan on buying?

  • PS4 58%
  • XBO 39%
  • Wii U 1%

Which console design is most appealing to you?

  • PS4 62%
  • XBO 36%
  • Wii U 1%

Which unique controller function is the most innovative?

  • PS4 Touchpad 51%
  • XBO Rumble Triggers 35%
  • Wii U Gamepad Screen 14%

Which console has the most impressive game line-up?

  • PS4 50%
  • XBO 48%
  • Wii U 2%

Thanks to My Nintendo News for this story. You guys rock!

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