New Super Mario Maker Trailer Details Sound Effects, Unlock System

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Nintendo has published the latest trailer for Super Mario Maker, detailing the latest build with previously unseen features and details. Much of the trailer divulged how unlocks work along with announcing details on custom sound effects.

Users will not have access to all creation tools and items when they begin playing. By playing over multiple days, more content will unlock by the day. In addition, the game has been granted custom sound effects. Users can apply a variety of sounds to multiple objects and triggers in the level. Examples shown include fireworks erupting from a pipe and musical notes from bounce blocks. Users will even be able to record short sound clips with the GamePad’s microphone.

The trailer also reconfirmed Mario Maker‘s amiibo support. With the exception of Mii Fighter, over 50 figures are confirmed as unlockable skins. It had been known prior that the 8-bit Mario amiibo would enable a giant-sized Mario power-up, but with the addition that all enemies gain Mario-style mustaches. This functionality appears to be exclusive to this special amiibo.

In case you’re itching to play Super Mario Maker come September 11th, you’ll be able to pre-load the full game through the eShop starting now until launch. The game retails for $59.99, and in case you’re wondering about the game’s included art book, it’ll be available as a web PDF or obtainable in physical form via a code with your purchase.

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