New Smash 3DS Trailer: AKB48 Vs. Nintendo’s Very Best

It’s Mii Time!

Yes, that is Japan’s AKB48 facing off against Nintendo’s very best in the latest trailer for Super Smash Bros. 3DS.  Nintendo is very much pushing the Mii element this time around and for good cause; Mii’s were such a big staple of the Wii era that their lack of interaction within Wii titles beyond the main Wii series staples, like Wii Sports and Wii Party, was puzzling to say the least.  If any game was ripe for their inclusion it would definitely be smash.  The series was already based around the idea of novel celebrity, though up till now that was only within the world of gaming.  The Mii element pushes this celebrity notion into the world of everything.  We already saw last generation how astonishingly crafty players can be at altering Mii’s in such creative ways to form the likes of everyone from rapper Ice-T, to Michael Jackson, to Darth Vader, all the way to Barack Obama.  This is exactly what Smash has been about, and it’s finally reaching it’s conceptual apex with the expansion from the fictional to non-fictional.  Mario Vs. Barack Obama!  Bring it!


Above: Don’t kid yourself.  These guys will be your next adversaries in Smash Bros.
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