New Pokémon Spotted During 18th Pokémon Movie (Updated)

The latest Pokémon movie, The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa, opened in Japan today, and as expected, the super-teaser with a mysterious form of Zyngarde appeared at the end of the film. However, numerous reports tell of another, mysterious Pokémon that was teased literally moments beforehand in the same promo.

According to, user Gin was an eye-witness to the Pocket Monster’s appearance:

She describes it as being bright green with one eye larger than the other. During the trailer for next years movie, its eye looked through the O of the word Pokémon and then it blobbed about. This was then followed by the large new Pokémon silhouette revealed on July 12th. Gin has kindly provided a few possible sketches of this Pokémon, but it is likely to differ greatly. It of course could still be an alternate form, a weird separated part of a new form of an existing Pokémon or something completely new, but it remains to be seen.

With no official pictures released, Gin sketched out the gelatinous Pokémon below:

…Complete with a storyboard describing how it appeared on-screen:


(Update, 7/19): Another, more accurate drawing of the mystery Pokémon was provided to through another correspondent.

With an inevitable future Pokémon game in the future, no doubt this newcomer will reveal itself in the months to come.

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