New Nintendo 3DS Released Early to European Ambassadors

Of late, Nintendo has been using Club Nintendo for the forces of good. In the past year, they’ve targeted select members for exclusive giveaways like the Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo codes (which effectively crashed the site) and the Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo. Today, Club Nintendo users in Europe got something even better, beyond their wildest imaginations: early access to the New Nintendo 3DS.

This morning, Nintendo of Europe sent out emails to select Club Nintendo users regarding an exclusive New 3DS Ambassador Edition. This unique proposition lets those members purchase the standard New 3DS early with exclusive goodies. For £180, you net the white New 3DS, an exclusive face plate set, Smash Bros. face plates, and a charging cradle. The system also comes with standard issue items like a stylus, 4 GB microSDHC memory card, AR Cards, Quick-Start Guide, and Operations Manual.


The exclusive face plates in question


How are the few, the proud, the elite being chosen for this offer? Nintendo of Europe declined to provide a straight answer to Eurogamer, stating that select members are being chosen with no rhyme or reason.

The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador offer is by email invitation only for selected Club Nintendo members in Europe only who fulfil a certain criteria.

We are unable to disclose such business information, however we would like to reassure you that we are continually looking at different promotional offerings we can bring to consumers at various times throughout the year.

Club Nintendo members who order before January 12th will see their system ship in 3-5 days. No sooner do the orders go out than ebay profiteers jump on the occasion. The unit is being sold for as high as £400, an absurd rate for a handheld that no one has yet.

This is nothing new of late, sadly. The Smash Bros. demo codes, intended to be shared with others, were instead sold on ebay for a ridiculous up-charge. As amiibo hunters will know, scalpers tend to purchase the rarest figures in bulk and sell them for 4x the standard price. Even Sony fans are not free of this, as the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 was impossible to buy once it went live, leaving ebay as their only option (with prices upwards of $1k). Now, the same group is turning what should be a special purchase by fans into a capitalist nightmare for the people who want the system legitimately.

Regardless on which side you sit on with the scalping situation, this Ambassador promotion is certainly an indication that the New 3DS is near. We should almost certainly expect an official release date for both Europe and North America, the two major regions who have yet to receive the unit, in the next month or so. Perhaps even tomorrow! What do you think of the exclusive Ambassador Edition of the New 3DS?

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