New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced by Nintendo

New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has just revealed a new model of 3DS that will be called the “New Nintendo 3DS”. This style of the 3DS is rumored to have an upgraded operating system and will have new buttons that weren’t available on the previous models of the 3DS. The New Nintendo 3DS will come in both normal sizes and XL/LL sizes much to the delight of those who have different preferences in the size of their handheld console.

Aside from various other enhancements, the New Nintendo 3DS is said to have a mini slide pad above the buttons on the right hand side making it easier to play FPS games on the console.

Oh…colored buttons are a plus too!

New Nintendo 3DS Colored Buttons

The SNES resemblance is so, SO satisfying!

The New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL/LL will be roughly $166 and $188 respectively, and a US release date has yet to be announced, but be sure to have yours available on pre-order as soon as it is!

Let us know what your thoughts are on this new console in the comments section below!

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