[Update] New Nintendo 3DS Kyogre Edition Now Available for Pre-Order

Groundon Kyogre New Nintendo 3DS

Online Retailer Play Asia has made a Kyogre Edition New Nintendo 3DS available for pre-order.

This New Nintendo 3DS comes with a frontplate modeled after the legendary Pokémon Kyogre and will cost North American players $336.99 USD. However, this particular version is Japanese region locked meaning you won’t be able to play games other than those imported from Japan.

This Kyogre Edition New Nintendo 3DS comes with all the upgraded features you’d expect to see in one of these hardware units, such as improved stereoscopic 3D, a Micro SD card slot and backwards compatibility.

Will you be picking up this model, or are you still hoping for a Groundon model? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Update: A Groundon Edition DOES exist but has not been made available for pre-order yet. More info coming soon.

Via: Nintendo Tweet

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