Fresh “New 3DS” Details Revealed on Japanese Website

New Nintendo 3DS

The New 3DS took the Nintendo community by storm, causing lots of praise, yet plenty of controversy. The handheld has been bashed for coming out too early in the 3DS lifespan, and being just another way for Nintendo to steal money, meanwhile being praised as Nintendo’s ability to listen to gamers. Nonetheless, the New 3DS is a redone 3DS with many new features.

On the Japanese New 3DS website, some details concerning the New 3DS’ new functions have arisen. One of the bigger things about the New 3DS is that the handheld will make use of the inner camera to use a special head tracking feature, allowing for a much more stable 3D experience. Information has come about that states that if the player is wearing any head accessory or any strong light getting in the frame, the feature may not function properly.

The camera will also have an infrared LED light, used for 3D stabilization in dark places as well as capturing better images in low light places. Other small details include tabs on the Internet browser that can be switched using ZL and ZR buttons, the c-stick being used to zoom in, and a strap hook being located close to the ZR button, and the same wireless security protocols will be used as in previous 3DS models.

One of the biggest things about the New 3DS is that it will come with a 4GB microSDHC card, but Nintendo has decided to take out the inclusion of an AC adapter. This means that players will have to use the adapter from their old 3DS or purchase one separately. This is definitely a major flaw in selling the New 3DS, and if I didn’t already have an AC adapter from my old 3DS, I wouldn’t consider getting the New 3DS.

That is all the new information on the New 3DS. Let us know in the comments below what you think of these details!

Source: New 3DS Website Via: Nintendo Everything

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