New Mother 4 Gameplay Details Revealed

Mother 4 Screenshot

During a recent Reddit AMA, Zane from the Mother 4 fangame team unveiled some new gameplay details to fans and even gave us a new estimated window of release!

In regards to the battle system and game length, Zane said the following:

Each character has 8 straight “upgrade” weapons that add attack power on a sloping curve, but aside from that there are weapons that add certain effects to attacks, as well as weapons like slingshots that everybody can equip. As far as towns, Pleiades has around 5 or 6 depending on how you count certain places, though there is a major city that serves as the center for many events. In terms of length, it should be around that of Earthbound.

Mother 4 Screenshot

Completely unique gameplay mechanics have been added as well.

Characters get a Groovy! bonus when the special meters around their name cards fills to the top – no matter when it fills up. The bonus allows a character to act immediately, even if it’s in the middle of an enemy’s turn, without checking their speed stat. It’s a great way to rack up damage or keep your party going through hard battles, but it can be hard to pull off.

Finally, we were given an estimated window of release for the game.

Right now we’re aiming for a June release. This is a tentative date for us, and we haven’t publicly announced it. We’re still looking to see if we can hit that. There’s a few things we want to work on.

If you’re interested, feel free to check out the Reddit AMA for yourself! Are you excited?

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