New Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Details: Amiibo, Online, Rosalina

After months of near-radio silence since its E3 reveal, new information on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash has finally surfaced. Among other things, we now know the game’s starting roster as well as several of the game modes and its amiibo support. (Additional information via GameXplain)

The starting roster for Ultra Smash has been confirmed as series standbys Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Daisy, Boo, as well as Rosalina making her first Mario Tennis appearance.

The major new hook of Ultra Smash is the Mega Mushroom mode where players grow in size from the Mega Mushroom item for a short time. Fortunately, if you don’t want Mega Mushrooms upsetting the game balance, you’ll be able to turn them off in Classic Tennis mode.  Overall, Ultra Smash will play similarly to Mario Tennis Open on the 3DS, as the chance shots also make their return. Those can be turned off as well in Simple Mode.

Featuring amiibo support makes Ultra Smash the first Mario sports title to utilize the figures. Amiibo will function here similarly to how they work in Super Smash Bros., in that you can play alongside them to level them up and feed power-ups. If you’ve already been using a supported amiibo in Smash Bros. or Mario Party 10 however, you’ll have to remove their data, as amiibo only hold save information for one game total and Ultra Smash saves data to the amiibo figure rather than simply reading the figure.

For Mario Tennis‘ multiplayer fix, the game has been confirmed to include global online play, as well as dual-screen multiplayer. You and another local player will be able to team up against online opponents for doubles play. or alternatively with an amiibo player. With local dual-screen multiplayer, one player can play on the GamePad while another could view the TV for a good view of the action.

As Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash nears its November 20th release date, more information, including whether the mini games and trick courses of past Tennis games return, should start trickling out soon.

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