New Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Game Details Emerge

Luigi's Mansion Arcade Game Release Date

More details regarding the newly discovered Luigi’s Mansion arcade game have emerged, and if you’re excited to play it, chances are you won’t have to wait much longer to play it.

First of all, this game is rumored to have a release of Summer 2015, so we’ll probably be seeing this game surfacing in arcades around time of gamer’s Christmas–Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The game is rumored to be shown from a first-person perspective, meaning that it will probably be like your classic point ‘n’ shoot arcade title, however, Luigi will be shown in a few cutscenes so you’ll still be able to watch this green-capped hero cower in fear.

A few more things–the game will be based off of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and will have a controller shaped like Luigi’s famed weapon–the Poltergust. Pretty cool, right?

If you’d like to see a list of all of the new features, I’d recommend checking out the NeoGAF thread for dedicated to all things about this mysterious title. Are you excited to play come Summer? What features do you hope to see? Speculate in the comments section below.

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