New Little Mac Alternative Costume Revealed

There is one scene in particular that one would think about when the subject is Punch-Out. This scene is the infamous training scene, showing Doc Louis bike as Little Mac jogs behind him. This scene gained popularity for many reasons, whether it be the fact that the scene mirrors one from Rocky, or the popular YouTube video “[Redacted] Stole My Bike”, this scene holds quite the legacy.

One thing also popular about this scene is Little Mac’s clothing, a pink sweatsuit. So the director of the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game, Masahiro Sakurai decided to add the suit as an alternative costume for Little Mac as he makes his debut in the series.

Sakurai shared the following on Miiverse;


Along side this post, he left the following comment in the post;

“Looks like some of you noticed that this version of Little Mac wasn’t shown at E3. There are many things, like Link’s Skyward Sword tunic design I posted earlier, that haven’t been revealed yet.”

This leads to the question of: Is Nintendo considering releasing other alternative costumes paying tribute to the character’s respective games? Seeing something like a Dr. Mario skin for Mario, or a Zero skin for Mega Man would be pretty awesome. Let us know what you think about this addition and tell us what other alternative costumes Sakurai should add into Smash Bros. by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

Source: Miiverse Via: My Nintendo News

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