Animal Crossing: New Leaf Monthly Update – February 2014

Back again this month to let you know about the fun stuff happening in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

February has some small events and fun rare items, so don’t miss out on the goodies!

February 2nd is Groundhog Day, talk to Isabelle in the plaza and receive a Resetti Model.

February 8th will be the day of the Fishing Tourney this month. Any fish will be accepted, so just find the biggest, most expensive fish and save it for the Tourney.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day, you’ll get a gift from Isabelle, from your mom, and from the villager who likes you the most. These items will typically only be found on this day, so don’t miss it. Also, if you have the Roost Cafe in your town, Brewster will be serving hot chocolate instead of lattes and coffee!

February 25th will bring the first signs of Spring. The snow on the ground will finally turn back to green grass, and the Rainbow Season returns(you may see rainbows in the sky between 1 and ~3 P.M.)

I’d also like to give some insight on an aspect of the game some of you might not have known too much about.
Many of you already know about K.K. Slider’s acoustic performances at Club LOL on Saturday nights after 8 P.M.
He’ll let you pick a song or request one based on your mood, and at the end of the first performance he’ll even give you a CD of the song.
What you may NOT know, is that there is a secret list of songs you’ll never see in stores, and he will never play, unless you specifically request them!

Here’s a list of the super-secret insider songs, make sure to request one tonight at 8 P.M.:

(When he asks for your request, make sure you plug these in exactly as they’re written)
Hypno K.K.
K.K. Stroll
K.K. Island

There’s also one more song, K.K. Birthday, which he will only play on the Saturday before your birthday(or on your birthday, if your birthday falls on a Saturday)

Lastly, as a special treat for you readers, I’ll let ya know that has put up a special download of a calendar for 2014, it’s big enough to use each month as a wallpaper for your desktop, or find a printer big enough and you can make it into a real full-size calendar for your home!

Get your 2014 calendar here!

That’s all for February, but check back March 1st for more tips and events, (including the fabulous Festivale that will occur early in March!)

See you next time, cousin!

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