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It’s time again for another edition of New Leaf Update. To those of you who have received the gift of New Leaf for the holidays, welcome to the world of Animal Crossing! Last month there were a lot of exciting events to make up the holiday season, and it was an exciting time to be a villager. January leaves us with a lot less to look forward to, but as mayors and villagers we can make our own excitement! I’ll provide a guide for one of my favorite aspects of the game, flower-breeding! Also I’d like to delve into the Fishing Tourney event as well, as we are almost midway through the Fishing Tourney season.

Happy New Year!

First off, here’s the events for January, in North America:

  • January 1st,  was of course New Years Day. Isabelle had set up a cut-out near your town tree with cut outs for 4 players! She also gave out a Zodiac Animal, 2014 is the year of the horse, so this year she gave out a little horse toy to put in your home. Sorry I was too late to inform everyone, it ended at midnight last night.
  • January 16th, we will see the tree leaves turn from their golden brown back to green, autumn is long over and it’s time to look forward to spring!
  • January 18th, is the Fishing Tourney! This month, Chip, the judge, will want you to catch only Horse Mackerels, Pond Smelts, or Sea Bass.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Fishing Tourney is an event that happens on a different Saturday every month, between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M. The object of the Tourney is to catch fish, but you must also pay attention to the type and size of the fish. Some months, Chip, the friendly beaver judge, will let you submit any kind of fish you like. Some months he will ask for specific types. Different species of fish have different score values. A Shark, for instance, is more valuable than a Sea Bass. Not only that, but each individual fish you catch has it’s own size, measured in length, so a bigger Sea Bass will score more points than a smaller Sea Bass. Chip will let you submit as many fish as you like, but you cannot get them back once you submit them.

Note the size at bottom!

Now, here’s the tricky part: Chip will give you rare furniture for submitting good fish, BUT, the only times you can learn the size of a fish are the moment after you catch it, and the moment after you submit it(at which point it is too late to change your mind) AND Chip will only give you good items if the fish you submit scores higher than the last fish you submitted. So here’s the best course of action: Fish throughout the week leading up to the Tourney(you can save the fish in your inventory/home until the day of the Tourney.) When you catch an eligible fish(in this case, horse mackerel, pond smelt, or sea bass) sort it in your inventory by length, shortest to longest. Pond Smelts will get you the most points, then Sea Bass, then Horse Mackerels. Sea Bass, you’ll know if you’ve ever fished in Animal Crossing, are plentiful. Go down to the beach and catch 4 or 5 of them, making sure to order them from shortest to longest in your inventory. Then go to your river and try and catch the Pond Smelts, they’re very small and a bit more rare but this time of year there should be plenty as well. Catch 2 of those, and release the smaller of them. Do that again and maybe a few more times if you want to be sure, but you want to walk away with the biggest Pond Smelt you can find. Go home and clear some room in your house to put the fish down, in order from smallest to biggest. On the day of the Tourney you can just walk right up to Chip and give him each fish, one by one(again, you want to give him the smallest Sea Bass first, then the next smallest, then the next.)


Each time you submit a fish, he will give you a different rare piece of furniture, and this is the only way to get the Fish Furniture! Lastly, hand over your big Pond Smelt to him to seal the deal on that Gold Trophy. Check back between 6 and 9 P.M. and you’ll take place in an award ceremony. Unless you have some real ace animal villager fisherman, you should be walking away with the Gold Trophy. 

And now, on to the Flower Breeding Guide!


For those who really want to excel at Flower Breeding you’ll want to do two things: First is to get the “Beautiful Town” Town ordinance. This ordinance makes it so none of your flowers will wilt and die, and you’ll have fewer weeds growing around town to pull up. The second thing you’ll want to do is to frequent Leif’s gardening shop, as soon as it is available. Head in there every day and buy up his flowers. You’ll need a big stock if you want all the hybrids. Buying more flowers from Leif will help you get the Silver Watering can too, which is a big help. Upon purchasing your 50th flower bag, Leif will give you the Silver Watering Can. The Gold one comes later, but you’ll need it for Gold Roses so I’ll cover that in a minute.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to clump all of your flowers together by type: cosmos with the cosmos, pansies with the pansies, etc. At first it won’t matter what color you put next to what, but you’ll want some space around your flower patch for new flowers to pop up. The flowers must be touching eachother, and you must water them to grow new ones. If you’ve played the game a lot already you might find the fertilizer in Leif’s shop. If you do, bury it next to your flowers to increase the likelihood of hybrid flowers sprouting. After a day or two of this you’ll surely notice new colors sprouting. For each kind of flower, there are a few “hybrid” colors you won’t be able to buy at Leif’s. For Cosmos it’ll be Orange, Pink, and Black. For Pansies its Red-Orange, Purple, and Blue. For Lillies its Pink, Black, and Orange. Violets will get Blue. And Tulips will get 4: Pink, Black, Orange, and Purple. And Roses takes the cake with Pink, Purple, Orange, Blue, Black, and Gold!

Most of these will sprout up with just watering them daily, but a few are tricky: Purple Pansies, Blue Roses, and Gold Roses. Purple Pansies and Blue Roses are tricky because you must use “hybrid red” flowers to get them. “Hybrid Red” flowers grow from at least one flower that is already a hybrid color. Otherwise, they are indistinguishable from the typical red flowers of their type. Try this method: for Purple Pansies, get a red-orange pansy, and a regular red pansy you bought from Leif’s. Plant them next to each other in an isolated area, and water them everyday until they produce two red pansies. Then remove all other flowers but the two new red pansies, and water those two alone. They may still produce another red pansy, but eventually they should yield a purple. For Blue Roses, it’s a similar method. Take a hybrid orange rose, and a white rose you bought from Leif’s, and plant them together and water them until they produce two reds. Remove all but the reds and water them side by side, they should yield a Blue Rose after a few days!

The last one to get is the Gold Rose. This might take some time because you NEED the Gold Watering Can to get them. Turn on the Beautiful Town Ordinance and check in every day to pull weeds, plant flowers, and maybe finish a few Public Works while you’re at it, and after 15 straight days of perfect Citizen Satisfaction, you’ll get your Gold Watering Can. This can waters a total of 9 flowers at once! And now you are capable of getting the Gold Rose, too. You’ll need Black Roses to get Gold too, so have a patch of Red Roses planted and watered everyday and you should see some black roses sprout up. To get Gold, you must wait until a Black Rose wilts(turns gray) and then you must water it with the Gold Watering Can. If you have Beautiful Town Ordinance, you’ll have to turn it off for a while so that the flowers can wilt in the first place. The best method is to get a whole bunch of Black Roses first, then switch ordinances and check the patch everyday to water the wilted ones.

Well, that’s all for this month! If you want to learn how to get each individual hybrid, check, his guide helped me a lot in my early days of playing. I hope this has inspired veteran players to visit their towns again, and newcomers to attack New Leaf with greater fervor!

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