New Leaf Monthly Update: April Edition

Spring is upon us and I’m enjoying the vivid colors of my town! There’s more color to come, starting today, so without further ado, let’s start the update!

Tom Nook, reminding you to pay your loan!


April 1st, is April Fool’s Day, of course! Don’t believe anything you read on the internet, and don’t fall for your villagers’ pranks! To add to the fun, Blanca is in town and he… (she… it? Let’s do “she”…) will be causing mischief. Talk to her as she roams around town and it will start going into the villager’s houses looking like them. Look for some houses with smoke in the chimney and head in, you’ll eventually find one with two villagers looking exactly alike. Talk to them and they’ll explain their dilemma and each will say something that you may or may not have heard that villager say before, like a motto or favorite activity. They’ll ask you to determine who is fake by handing the faker a Towel. If you guess correctly you get their much coveted picture! They’ll only give this to you normally if you do a lot of chores for them, so here’s your chance to get some easy! If you get them ALL right, Blanca will send you her own picture in the mail to remember her by!

Talk about a Poker Face!

April 1st also begins the brief Cherry Blossom season. From now through April 10th all of your normal, non-fruit, non-cedar trees will have pink leaves!

April 6th will see the grass and trees getting a little more Spring-y as we transition further into the season.

April 7th is when the cherry blossoms start to fall, you’ll see them floating around town. Should be quite a sight!

Remember to stop and look at nature, in your AC town, and your real one!

April 12th will be the Fishing Tourney this month. Any fish will do, this time, so best get ready.

April 20th is Bunny Day! This is another big, all-day holiday, celebrated in a totally secular way so it won’t offend any religious affiliations. The Bunny should be in your event plaza, he’ll tell you all about the eggs hidden all over town. Here’s what you can do to get the most out of the day: Collect one of each type, there are Six and you get them by shaking Trees, Digging, shooting Balloons, Fishing, Diving, and hitting Rocks with a shovel. Don’t eat any yet, just collect them and bring them back to the Bunny, he’ll give you a Basket! After that, just collect any eggs you can and eat them, they’ll have either Candy, a Prize Ticket, or a Grand Prize Ticket inside. Give the Prize tickets to the Bunny and he’ll give you a piece of the Egg Set, which includes: Bed, Dresser, Closet, Chair, Couch, Table, Stereo, Matryoshka, Clock, Lamp, TV, Carpet and Wallpaper! If you give him a Grand Prize Ticket, he’ll give you his picture! Huzzah!

Are you Egg-cited yet?

April 22nd is Earth Day. Find Isabelle in the event plaza and she’ll give you your Cool Globe! Cool!

April 25th is Weeding Day. Leif will tell Isabelle to let you have topiaries as a public works! Pretty cool! But ONLY if you pull all the weeds up the previous day, so jump in on Thursday, April 24th to pull up your weeds. If you don’t, however, you’ll still have the chance to get exclusive furniture from Leif. He’ll ask you to pull up a certain amount of weeds in exchange for a piece from the Flower Set. If you’re low on weeds, find a friend who hasn’t pulled theirs and go talk to Leif in their town.

Keep your town beautiful!

That wraps up this edition of New Leaf Monthly Update. There’s plenty to do, starting today, so jump in and play!

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