New IP: Codename S.T.E.A.M. revealed at roundtable

In a roundtable conference where no cameras were allowed at 6 P.M. PDT at E3, Nintendo developer Hitoshi Yamaguchi, along with developers from Intelligent Systems(makers of  games in the Fire Emblem, Pushmo, WarioWare, Paper Mario, and Pokémon franchises) revealed their brand spanking new 3DS property: Codename S.T.E.A.M.!


Set in an alternate history, where in the victorian age Earth has been invaded by monsters from space, a Strike Team created by Abraham Lincoln(all around badass) fights to preserve peace and stop the Alien Menace!



Using a turn-based strategy style with action elements and a 3rd-person perspective, your team members use steam power to explore a map looking for aliens and other objectives. No overhead map is employed, so you have to rely on what the characters can actually see in front of them, switching between them freely between moves. Fire Emblem is no slouch when it comes to complex but tight gameplay, so we can expect some great mechanics, such as the use of steam power(re-fuelable at checkpoints at the cost of medals, which would otherwise be exchanged for health, or bigger/better weapons at the end of a mission). In addition to movement and attacks there is an Overwatch attack, which can be performed by the player during the enemies turn, combining the attacks of the team to stun and deal major damage to certain enemies.



Designs borrow from Silver Age comic styles, as well as Lovecraftian-style aliens, with some Animal/Human combination characters like Lion, seen above.



It is yet unclear precisely who the characters are and what the story is, but these images look way further along than simple concepts. This is also a bit unprecedented in Nintendo’s IP’s, there are a lot of popular themes here (steam-punk, alien invasion, anthropomorphic animal characters) But there is still more to be revealed, and the Nintendo Treehouse livestream should be digging deeper tomorrow, as well as showing an official video for it.


I’ll leave you with more screenshots, but stick with AlwaysNintendo for your E3 news!


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