New Hyrule Warriors Information to be Revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2014

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Koei Tecmo previously stated that the company had had long-term plans for their upcoming game, Hyrule WarriorsNow, according to the company’s official Twitter account, it seems as though a special Hyrule Warriors event will be held at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

The Tweet (translated from Japanese) reads: “We plan to hold a game competition for Hyrule Warriors at Tokyo Game Show on Saturday. By all means, those of you who are confident in your skills, go check it out! We’ll also have the latest information on the next update, along with a demo!”

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo really are putting as much effort into this game as they can. Hyrule Warriors recently received a patch that fixed various game issues and added new content in Japan, so what’s shown off at Tokyo Game Show 2014 should be nothing short of awesome!

What improvements do you hope to see in this game after said update goes live? Any thoughts on what the competition will be? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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