New Hyrule Warriors Character to be Announced Soon

In a recent tweet about Hyrule Warriors, a new character has been said to be announced this week. Apparently, the new fighter will be related to the ground in some way. Some predictions are that it could be a Goron, more specifically Darunia, a well known leader of the Goron. The mole-like creature Mogma, from Skyward Sword is another possible choice as they dig tunnels throughout the ground.

Let’s not forget someone who digs the ground for a living: Dampè the GraveKeeper who carries around a shovel. We’ll have to wait and see who is announced, but my rupees are on Dampè. Tell us who you think the new character will be in the comments section below!

Hyrule Warriors releases on September 26th exclusively on the Wii U.

Source: [Mynintendonews]

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