NeoGAF User Comes Up With a Way For Nintendo To End The Wii U But Still Achieve Success

There has been plenty of speculation on what Nintendo will do after the release of their recent sales reports. Many people have said that Nintendo should make a new console, and with the reports of new hardware coming soon, their guess may not be too far off. NeoGAF user zomgbbqftw (don’t ask) has come up with a pretty strategic way for Nintendo to end the Wii U console, but still achieve success while releasing all of the long awaited first-party titles that we want for the Wii U. Here’s what he had to say:

So, with all the Nintendo threads lately, I figured this was as good a time as any to discuss this…

I made a thread previously on how Nintendo could achieve success in the home console market. That was predicated around a 2016 release. I believe it is now too late for that having seen the poor Q4 sales results and the forecast downgrades.

Instead of riding out the Wii U until 2016 and releasing a mid-generation refresh, the best plan for Nintendo, IMO at least, would be to release a PS4 level console by the end of 2015 with identical AMD/GCN/GDDR5 architecture to make porting PS4 titles very, very easy for third parties. With AMD touting Mantle as very similar to libGCM with low level access to the GPU, there is even a ready made API for Nintendo to use.


Down to the nitty gritty:

The Wii U currently has these flagship titles planned for it – Bayonetta 2, X, MK8, Zelda HD and Smash U. Of those titles only MK8 and Smash are pencilled in for 2014. The rest could be delayed and made cross gen titles ready for launch for the next gen console. Similar to Zelda TP on GCN and Wii. That way Nintendo are fulfilling their obligation to Wii U owners, but also making sure that next gen owners get the best of their first party output without having the same software drought.

The next step would be to ensure almost binary compatibility with PS4. Make the architecture almost identical so that third parties can put in almost zero effort to port titles. With MGS and FF going multiplatform from the start and not due out until 2015 at the earliest, it gives Nintendo a chance to put their best foot forwards by launching with these titles on their system as well as the annual sports franchises and other third party games.


The final stage is price, Nintendo must come in at a lower price than the PS4, so they should be looking at $249 or lower. Samsung have turned copying a competitor and selling their products slightly cheaper into a hundred billion dollar enterprise, one only need to ask Sony and Apple how hard it is to compete against that business model. Nintendo must look to do the same thing as Samsung. Get a me-too product out at a lower price and attract people in with their superior first party offering. They should not have to force gamers between either having Nintendo’s first party on a Nintendo console or having third party games on Sony/MS consoles. Nintendo must adapt to the global market and give up on splendid isolation.

Finally, the new console must see the introduction of an account system for purchases, Nintendo must stop treating their products like toys. They need to ensure that purchases are tied to an account rather than a console.


That, I believe, would be enough to get Nintendo back in the game. Right now they are dead for home consoles. The Wii U is performing worse than the GameCube and worse than the OG Xbox and the product is ill suited for any kind of PS3 type recovery as it is last generation technology. The PS3 recovered in part because it had parity with the leading console of the generation and Sony were prepared to see it through to the end by losing around $5bn on the project. Nintendo do not have the financial firepower to lose $5bn on the Wii U, and even then I do not believe incentivising consumers in that manner will be enough for mass adoption of the Wii U.

Of course, this is a very controversial topic (in the NeoGAF community especially) but hey, you never know. Do you think something like this would be possible? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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