Mystery Pokémon to Feature in Next Issue of CoroCoro

The latest issue of Japan’s CoroCoro Magazine has gone online, and it teases the mysterious green Pokémon teased last month. Along with Zyngarde’s presumed alternate form, both of these Pokémon are also set to debut in the upcoming Mega Evolution Special IV anime episode. This comes ahead of their inclusion in the 19th Pokémon movie, set for release in July 2016.

No concrete information was given in this issue, but there are multiple of the green Pokémon to appear in the special. CoroCoro does ask if the blob and Zyngarde are related, giving credence to the notion that the blob is likely not a genuine new Pokémon.

The green Pokémon and Zyngarde’s new form were first spotted at the end of the 18th Pokémon movie released last month in Japanese theaters. The movie is due to release westward this fall, and both these Pokémon will likely be revealed to the west around that time, as they have been in Japan.

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