Multiple Hori Accessories For The Switch Leak Online

Within days of Nintendo’s major Switch reveal event, a number of confidential accessories from Hori USA have been posted online. These come courtesy of DroidXAce on Twitter, and the images in question showcase a number of unrevealed carrying cases, controllers, game card cases, and more.

Most of these items are bog standard additions to any console, but a few of them, a fighting stick here, a stand that allows the charging of the Switch there, catch interest. Hori will also be manufacturing a wired version of the Switch Pro Controller, it seems. A few of the above accessories, namely those themed after Zelda: Breath of the Wild (such as controller cases, stickers) confirm beyond a doubt that the game will hit the Switch at launch.

Due to the confidential nature of the images (as given from the notice at the top), these accessories are likely to be revealed following Thursday’s Switch event that rolls out all the pertinent launch details. Other manufacturers, such as Snakebyte, have already been sharing their plans for Switch accessories thanks to events like CES 2017.

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