The Motley Fool Says Nintendo Will Be the Video Game Winner This Holiday Season

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Of the three companies, this holiday shopping season is by far the most crucial for Nintendo, partially because it’s the only company that relies exclusively on video game sales, and also because of its recent failures.

Sales of the Wii U have fallen far short of Nintendo’s own expectations — prior to its launch, Nintendo had expected to ship 5 million units by April; as of the end of September, it had shipped fewer than 4 million.

Nintendo’s management had promised Wii U sales of 9 million by the end of this upcoming March. That once seemed unlikely, and though it’s probably still a long shot, Nintendo’s recently released Super Mario 3D World could help to sell a few million more Wii Us. The game has received nearly unanimous praise from critics; The Verge called it “arguably the best game to come out this holiday season on any platform.”

Then there’s Nintendo’s handheld, the 3DS. It had already been the best-selling console for most of the year, but got a big boost in October with the release of Nintendo’s new Pokémon games (both titles were themselves major best-sellers). November should also be a strong month — Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has, like Super Mario 3D World, received high praise. -The Motley Fool

So Nintendo does have a pretty good chance at doing well this holiday season! Some other bits and pieces in the article go into the Playstation 4’s strong start and some other stuff about the Xbox One but here’s what else was said:

I’ve been a frequent critic of Nintendo, and though I believe the company is ultimately challenged (perhaps fatally) by the slow rise of mobile gaming, it’s the one console company poised to benefit the most from this holiday shopping season.

While many industry observers may be focused on new hardware from Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has the must-have software. Sales of those titles could drive further Nintendo hardware adoption, at least in the near term, and with depressed expectations, Nintendo could surprise to the upside. -Sam Mattera

So must have titles could be the key to being successful but I really think Nintendo just needs to advertise more. What are your thoughts on this? You can check out the full post here!

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