More Nintendo Patents Surface: Haptic Feedback and Linear Image Sensors

Not long after patents for rotatable shoulder buttons on a controller does NeoGAF unearth two patents that further explore the possibilities for Nintendo’s future devices (credit to user Disorienter for this information). One portrays haptic feedback through a touch screen, and the other concerns outward-facing linear image sensors.


The patent for haptic feedback concerns the use of controllable rumble in a touch screen, dependent on how the user is inputting the screen. It is possible to use the tech to relay information to the user or to simulate the tactile feedback of a proper controller.


The second patent features outward-facing image sensors. Displaying a controller not unlike the Wii U GamePad, each side has inward sensors that can read a player’s motions, objects (but not NFC), and even a user’s pulse. This function can be used to trigger inputs and relay information to the user.

Although Nintendo didn’t file these patents formally, the former patent is filed by NCL’s Group Chief Kazutoshi Obana and the latter under Nintendo employee Fumihiko Inoue. Like before, both patents were filed in February and surfaced this month. As usual, patents do not always forecast what a future device will do, so take these new ideas lightly.

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