Moon Hunters Is a Game Worth Your Time

Moon Hunters is an action-RPG described as having “…a rich open world that’s different every time you play.” The game is described as “The Legend of Zelda meets Castle Crashers” or even “King of Dragon Pass meets Gauntlet.” If funded, it will offer both a single-player and a local co-op mode, though online co-op is planned as a stretch goal.

This game is being developed by Kitfox Games, the same company behind the Steam title Shattered Planet. Moon Hunters has already made it through the Square Enix Collective program and is now seeking additional funds via Kickstarter, so there is definitely interest here.

The thing that stands out most is the meticulous detail of where funds will be allocated; just about every cost is exhibited through either percentages and/or charts. Even though it’s currently only destined for a Steam release, I strongly suggest contributing to their campaign because there’s a chance it’ll come to Wii U provided there’s enough support.

(Via Kickstarter)

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